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"Boost Your Sperm Production Off The Charts"

How To Increase Semen Volume

So, you want to increase semen's a very common desire among men of all walks of life and ages to want to increase your sperm volume.  There comes a certain sense of pride when you shoot a big load, not to mention the fact that bigger loads provide stronger, much more intense orgasms.

Genetics may play a role in the amount of semen you can produce, but there are many other factors that can influence your ejaculation.  Food and nutrition, for instance, can play a huge role when it comes to increasing sperm production.

Consider this: semen, like any other body fluid, is a product of nutrients inside your body.  Therefore, it goes without saying that if you focus on certain nutrients, you should be able to boost your semen volume and sperm production.
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"How Can I Increase My Sperm Production?"

Easily, the best way to increase your semen volume is to take a sperm pill - we highly recommend Semenax or VolumePills.  These semen increasing supplements are formulated to be safe, very effective, and cost effective.

The only products that we recommend must pass our selective "weeding out" process before we will consider listing them, and only a small few ever get the honor of making our list.  The selection process focuses on many different angles of the semen pill, from safety (must be doctor approved), to the mixing facility, to the efficiency of the formula.  Here's some background to our selection process for top quality semen pills:
  • must be doctor approved (for safety)
  • needs to be effective on at least 95% of test subjects
  • should be mixed in a Certified Pharmaceutical facility
  • must have a full money back guarantee

While these are only a small example of our criteria for recommending any semen pill, this gives you an idea of the intensive type of research we do before we will add a supplement to our "Highly Recommended" list as opposed to our "Approved" list of sperm increasing supplements.

Best Semen Pills And Supplements

Semenax Rated #1 Semen Pill


Semenax pills imageURL -

Review - Semenax Review

Overall Rating - 49/50

   -  performance: 30/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 4/5 (67 days full money back)

   -  bonuses: 5/5

Price - $60 for 1 month supply

         - $200 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on Semenax - Semenax increases semen effectively for every man who tries it.  The potent blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plants is totally safe and very effective.  Semenax is our #1 choice for increasing sperm and semen production Click here to order direct from the manufacturer at

VolumePills #2 Semen Pill



Review - VolumePills Review

Overall Rating - 47/50VolumePills pic

   -  performance: 29/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 5/5 (6 months full

      money back)

   -  bonuses: 3/5

Price - $65 for 1 month supply

         - $200 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on VolumePills - VolumePills is the other "highly recommended" product that we list.  A slightly different approach than Semenax, VolumePills focuses on herbs from Chinese Medicine, along with a formulation of vitamins and minerals known to increase semen production.

Maximum Pills - Also Recommended



Review - Maximum Pills ReviewMaximum Pills pic

Overall Rating - 46/50

   -  performance: 27/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 4.5/5 (90 days full money back)

   -  bonuses: 4.5/5

Price - $49.95 for 1 month supply

         - $154.95 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on MaximumPills - A relative newcomer in the semen pill market, Maximum Pills are a surefire success.  By utilizing the adult industry to test and refine their formula, MaximumPills is able to research the results across a broad spectrum of male pornstars.  Their formula is similar to Semenax.  Every 3 month+ order of Maximum Pills comes with a free porn subscription to an outstanding network of sites.  Click here to order Maximum Pills

"Why Sperm Pills?"
The semen pills that we have listed here are guaranteed to increase your semen production, with full money back guarantees.  They are safe and have been doctor approved.

These pills are formulated by teams of medical doctors, herbologists, fertility specialists, and many more...with one purpose in mind: to increase sperm volume.  A potent combination of the building blocks of semen, the vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and herbs found in these sperm supplements are all known to effectively boost your sperm production.
"Where Should I Buy My Semen Supplements?"
We've already done all the research to find the best semen pills, and we even took it a step farther.  We know where you should buy your sperm supplements.

The products listed on this site should always be purchased direct from the manufacturer to ensure freshness of the product.  When you order from the manufacturer you are eligible for the full warrantee, not to mention the free bonuses that the factory can afford to offer you with each purchase.

If you notice that we recommend somewhere other than the manufacturer, there is a good reason for it.  Sometimes it's better to place your order with a dealer who can better service your needs.

Otherwise...we've already done the shopping around for you.  We consider ourselves to be a bit of a watchdog in this industry, which is why only a very select few ever qualify to appear on our lists.  You can trust that we've done our research on these increasing semen volume products and pills.


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