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VolumePills Review

#2 Recommended Sperm Pill Formula

VolumePills boxWhen we recommend VolumePills+ we take a lot of things into consideration:

  • strength of the formula - VolumePills is second only to Semenax
  • mixed in a Certified Pharmaceutical facility in the USA
  • doctor approved (for safety)
  • full money back guarantee
  • manufacturer offers some nice extras (including free shipping)

While this is only a sample of our criteria for rating any semen pill, it should give you an idea of the extensive research we do when we review natural sperm supplements like VolumePills.

The VolumePills formula is based primarily on Ancient Chinese Medicine, and contains high quality herbs, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals.  The key components of VolumePills have been used to boost male fertility for centuries, but only recently has Western Medicine paid much attention to the natural ingredients used in China for low fertility, sperm production, and seminal volume enhancement.

If you want powerful orgasm potential, increased semen volume, and improved male fertility, we recommend VolumePills as a very effective and reliable solution.

"What Makes VolumePills One Of The Best Sperm Pills Available?"

VolumePills performs the way a semen pill should.  This isn't a cheap imitator.  The ingredients in VolumePills have been proven over many years of Chinese Medicine to increase male fertility, boost sperm production, and raise semen volume.

VolumePills stands behind their product with the best available guarantee in the semen pill industry.  With a 6 months full money back guarantee, you can return the product at any point if you find that you're not fully satisfied.  This guarantee is nowhere close to being matched be any of Volume Pills competitors.

You can trust the VolumePills formula will safely and effectively increase your semen volume and sperm production. 

Semenax vs. VolumePills Plus

VolumePills Semen Pill



Overall Rating - 46/50VolumePills pic

   -  performance: 28/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 5/5 (6 months full

      money back)

   -  bonuses: 3/5

Price - $65 for 1 month supply

         - $200 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on VolumePills - VolumePills is the only other "highly recommended" product that we list.  A slightly different approach than Semenax, VolumePills focuses on Chinese Medicine herbals, along with a formulation of vitamins and minerals that are known to increase semen.


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Semenax Rated Best Semen Pill


Semenax pills imageURL -

Overall Rating - 49/50

   -  performance: 30/30

   -  doctor approved: 5/5

   -  customer service: 5/5

   -  guarantee: 4/5 (67 days money back)

   -  bonuses: 5/5

Price - $60 for 1 month supply

         - $200 for 4 months

Final Thoughts on Semenax - Semenax increases semen effectively for every man who tries it.  The potent blend of herbs, vitamins, minerals, and plants is totally safe and very effective.  Semenax is the most effective supplement for increasing sperm that you will find.


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Why VolumePills?
While we've recommended Semenax as the #1 performing sperm pill, that's not to suggest VolumePills isn't a close second.  These two supplements stand out above all others, by a wide margin.

VolumePills and Semenax have different approaches to increasing semen, but both are very effective supplements.  While Semenax focuses on Western herbs, VolumePills is formulated from many herbs that come from Ancient Chinese Medicine.  Both are extremely effective formulas.
"Where Should I Buy My VolumePills?"

We've done all the research to find the best semen pills, and we even took it a step farther.  We even know where you should purchase your VolumePill supplements.

Generally speaking, you want to buy your supplements right from the manufacturer.  Both Semenax and VolumePills should always be purchased directly, to ensure freshness of the product.  When you order from the manufacturer you are eligible for the full 6 month warrantee, not to mention some free bonuses that the manufacturer can offer you with each purchase.

We consider ourselves to be a bit of a watchdog in this industry, which is why only a few very select products qualify to appear on our lists.  You can trust that we've done our research on these semen volume pills.

Volume Pills image

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